On Judgment Day, we will be standing at Mahsyar for 40 years, waiting for Allah to let our fate known, with the sun just a span (the distance between the tip of the thumb and the tip of the little finger when hand is fully extended) away from our heads.

7 people who will be sheltered by Allah from the heat of the sun:
1) A fair and just leader
2) Young people who submit themselves to Allah
3) Man/Woman whose heart grown attach to mosques
4) People who make friends because of Allah, get together (marriage) and separates (divorce) because of Allah
5) Men who are being seduced by beautiful, well-known women to do evil and who answered, “I fear Allah”
6) Persons who made donations and alms secretly, without letting the person next to him/her notice
7) Persons who utter “Allah”, when alone, till he/her sheds tears (upon realising sins that were created)

Shed our tears (cry it out) for the sins we have created during our lifetime so that we would not be crying in Hereafter and on Judgment Day. In short, repent sincerely.

*Disclaimer: With all due respect, this post is not here to offend other beliefs and religions. It is merely being shared for Muslims. Any misunderstanding or if it caused negative feeling, is unintentional.